Silver Valley Farms has invested and will continue to invest in partnerships that allow us to better serve our customers and our family of growers. We currently have a network of growers throughout North and South America that allows us to supply our customers with a consistent supply of fresh and frozen berries and berry products, year round.

MBG Marketing:

Silver Valley Farms is a proud member of MBG Marketing. MBG Marketing (Michigan Blueberry Growers), The Blueberry People™, is a grower-owned blueberry cooperative formed in 1936 by the original blueberry growers in the state. This group of blueberry growers is highly regarded as a leader in horticultural expertise and research. Their membership extends into northern Indiana, Georgia, Florida, British Columbia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, and the Pacific Northwest. Their cooperative includes over 300 growers.


Silver Valley Farms has its’ fresh berries marketed by Naturipe Farms under the Naturipe brand. Naturipe Farms is the premier marketer of fresh berries around the world. A joint partnership between MBG Marketing, Hortifrut, Naturipe Berry Growers, and Munger Farms, gives Naturipe Farms a consistent supply of berries in diverse growing regions allowing a year round supply of fresh berries. Silver Valley Farms is a proud grower for Naturipe Farms.

Snowcrest Foods:

The Snowcrest brand has had a long history of providing high quality frozen fruits to the retail and foodservice markets across Canada and globally. Silver Valley Farms’ network of growers ensures the consistent supply of high quality frozen fruits for Snowcrest Foods.